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1987 LEGEND LS 4 DOOR 4AT AT MAIN VALVE BODY (86-87) diagram
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pipe, low clutchroller (6x16)roller (6x16)shaft, oil pump gearbody sub-assy., main valvecover, shift valvecover, shift valvespring, torque converter checkvalvevalve, reliefvalve, torque converter checkspring, relief valveseat, relief valve springgovernor assy.holder, governorpipe (5x83)filter, governorplate, governorbody assy., governorgear, governorfilter assy., ex.valve, second orifice controlspring, second orifice controlvalvecap, second orifice control valvevalve, manualwasher, lock (6mm)washer, lock (6mm)washer, lock (6mm)washer, lock (6mm)washer, lock (6mm)washer, thrust (14mm)washer, thrust (14mm)key, woodruff (3mm)bolt, hex. (5x12)bolt, hex. (5x12)bolt, hex. (5x12)bolt, hex. (6x18)washer, plain (4mm)pin, dowel (8x14)pin, dowel (5x8)pin, dowel (5x8)circlip, outer (14mm)bolt, flange (6x28)bolt, flange (6x28)bolt, flange (6x28)bolt, flange (8x32)bolt, flange (8x32)ball, steel (#6) (3/16)ball, steel (#6) (3/16)ball, steel (#6) (3/16)ball, steel (#6) (3/16)ball, steel (#6) (3/16)ball, steel (#6) (3/16)ball, steel (#7) (7/32)ball, steel (#7) (7/32)ball, steel (#7) (7/32)roller (3x19.8)
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