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1987 LEGEND LS 4 DOOR 4AT SLIDING ROOF (1) diagram
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clip, oil drain tubeclip, air hose (16mm)frame, slide roofvalve, rr. slide roof drainvalve, fr. slide roof drainvalve, slide roof drain (inner)seal, slide frameglass assy., rooftube assy., fr.cover, r. staycover, l. staytube assy., rr. sunroofcap, stay coverstopper, sunshadesunshade assy. *nh91l*sunshade assy. *yr114l*sunshade assy. *nh91l*sunshade assy. *yr114l*handle *nh91l*handle *yr114l*handle *nh91l*handle *yr114l*bolt-washer (6x16)screw, pan (5x8)nut, flange (6mm)
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