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1988 LEGEND L 4 DOOR 4AT SLIDING ROOF (3) diagram
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e-clipe-cliprail, r. guiderail, l. guidestay assy., r. rr.stay assy., l. rr.cable assy., sunroofblade, deflectorarm, r. deflectorstopper, blade deflectorarm, l. deflectorcover, railguide, r. lifter (upper)guide, l. lifter (upper)adjuster, lift-upadjuster, lift-upstay, r. fr. slideslider & cable, r.stay, l. fr. slidewasher (5.2x9)washer (5.2x9)washer (5.2x9)washer (5.2x9)slider & cable, l.stay, r. rr. slidestay, l. rr. slideshaft, rr. stayshaft, rr. staypin, deflector armspring, r. deflectorspring, l. deflectorshim, stay (1.0mm)shim, stay (1.0mm)shim, stay (2.0mm)shim, stay (2.0mm)shim, stay (1.0mm)shim, stay (1.0mm)shim, stay (2.0mm)shim, stay (2.0mm)bolt, guide railbolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x12)nut-washer (6mm)e-ring (3mm)
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