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1989 LEGEND L 4 DOOR 4AT WIRE HARNESS (2) diagram
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wire harness, rr.wire harness, instrumentsub-wire, sunroofsub-wire, interiorwire harness, l. sidewire, defroster groundprotector, l. door harnesscover, joint boxcover, joint boxbolt, ground (6x16) (washer 12.5mm) (zn)bolt, ground (6x16) (washer 12.5mm) (zn)clip, wire harnessclip, wire harnessclip, wire harness (50mm) (gray)(harness taping)clip, wire harness (50mm) (gray)(harness taping)strap, cable (118mm) (black)clip, wire harnessclip, wire harnessclip, roof arch (60mm) (natural)(harness taping)clip a, side protectorband, wire harness (123.5mm) (blue)band, wire harness (110mm) (brown)clip, wire harness (23.2mm)clip, wire harness (55mm) (white)band, wire harness (93.5mm) (white)
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