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1990 INTEGRA RS 3 DOOR 4AT HOOD diagram
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clip, fuel pipehinge, r. hoodstopper, r. hood hingestopper, l. hood hingehinge, l. hoodcover, hood lockwire assy., hood *nh167l*wire assy., hood *b44l*wire assy., hood *nh167l*wire assy., hood *b44l*grommet, hood wirerubber, hood sealcushion, hoodseal, headlight rubbercushion a, hoodcowl top assy.valve, drainbolt, hinge stopperbolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16) (dacro coating)nut, cap (6mm)clip, canoeclip, fr. skirtcap assy., cowl topgrommet, cowl topclip, rr. sealclip, hood sealclip c, hoodgrommet, hood stayplug, blind (15x25)bolt-washer (6x16)plug, blind (15mm)plug, blind (15mm)plug, blind (25mm)
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