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1994 VIGOR LS 4 DOOR 4AT MOLDING diagram
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weatherstrip, r. door (upper)retainer assy., r. centerweatherstrip, l. door (upper)retainer assy., l. centermolding assy., r. fr. doormolding, r. drip & retainermolding assy., l. fr. doormolding, l. drip & retainermolding, centermolding assy., r. rr. doormolding assy., l. rr. doormolding, r. roofmolding, l. roofgarnish, r. rr. pillar (lower)stopper, doorgarnish, l. rr. pillar (lower)clip, door weatherstripclip, door weatherstripscrew-washer a (4x8)screw-washer a (4x8)screw-washer b (4x8)screw, tapping (5x12)screw, tapping (5x12)grommet, retainer centerclip, door moldingclip, door moldingclip, door molding endclip, door molding endstabilizer, door moldingstabilizer, door moldingclip, rr. pillar moldingholder, r. rr. door molding endholder, l. rr. door molding endgrommet assy., garnishgrommet, drip & retainergrommet, drip & retainergrommet, drip & retainerscrew, tapping (4x10)screw, tapping (4x25)
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