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1997 CL BAS3.0 2 DOOR 4AT AT SERVO BODY (2) diagram
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pipe, third clutchpipe, third clutchshaft, shift forkcap (12mm)cap (12mm)cap (14mm)seat, valve springbody assy., servoplate, servo separatingcover, cap clipclip, capclip, capclip, cappiston, low accumulatorpiston, low accumulatorcover, top accumulatorspring a, third accumulatorspring a, third accumulatorspring b, third accumulatorspring b, third accumulatorbolt, flange (6x120)o-ring (21.2x2.4) (arai)o-ring (21.2x2.4) (arai)o-ring (31x2.7) (arai)pin, dowel (8x14)pin, dowel (8x14)bolt, flange (6x35)bolt, flange (6x55)bolt, flange (6x65)bolt, flange (6x65)bolt, flange (6x75)bolt, flange (6x75)bolt, flange (6x20)
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