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1997 TL BAS2.5 4 DOOR 4AT CROSS BEAM diagram
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sub-frame, fr.stiffener, fr. sub-frameinsulator a, sub-frame mountinginsulator b, sub-frame mountinginsulator b, sub-frame mountingwasher, sub-frame (a)washer, sub-frame (a)insulator b, sub-frame mounting (lower)insulator d, sub-frame mounting (lower)insulator d, sub-frame mounting (upper)washer, sub-frame mountingbeam, rr. suspension crossbolt-washer (10x21)bolt, flange (10x35)bolt, flange (14x177)bolt, flange (14x177)bolt, flange (12x113)bolt,flange,12x95bolt, flange (12x139)grommet, sub-frame (15mm)plug, blind (18mm)
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