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1998 CL BAS3.0 2 DOOR 4AT INNER PANEL diagram
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frame set, r. rr. extensionpanel set, rr. floorpanel set, r. side sill extensionpanel set, l. side sill extensionframe set, l. rr. extensionpillar, r. fr. (lower) (inner)rail, r. roof sidepanel, r. rr. insideextension, r. rr. wheelhouse archwheelhouse, r., r. rr. shelfpillar, l. fr. (lower) (inner)rail, l. roof sidepanel, l. rr. insideextension, l. rr. wheelhouse archwheelhouse, l., l. rr. shelffloor, fr.frame, r. fr. floorsill, r. fr. insideframe, l. fr. floorsill, l. fr. insidestiffener, rr. jackstiffener, r. rr. floor (upper)stiffener, l. rr. floor (upper)frame, r. rr.bracket, rr. muffler mountingflange, frame endframe, l. rr.bracket, jackbracket, jackbracket, jackcrossmember, middle floorshelf, rr. parcelbulkhead, rr.hook, l. tie downhook, r. tie downbolt-washer (6x15)bolt-washer (10x20)
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