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2000 NSX 2 DOOR 6MT MOLDING (1) diagram
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garnish, r. side sillseal, r. side sill garnish (upper)seal, l. side sill garnish (upper)clip, side sill garnish (upper)seal, side sill garnishseal, side sill garnishgarnish, l. side sillweatherstrip, r. door (upper)retainer, r. center & cornerweatherstrip, l. door (upper)retainer, l. center & cornermolding assy., r. door *nh547*molding, r. fr. drip & retainer *b501p*molding, r. fr. drip & retainer *nh547*clip, glass guidemolding assy., l. door *nh547*molding, l. fr. drip & retainer *nh547*molding, l. fr. drip & retainer *b501p*garnish, r. center pillar *b501p*garnish, r. center pillar *nh547*garnish, l. center pillar *b501p*garnish, l. center pillar *nh547*inlet, r. airgarnish, r. air in.inlet, l. airgarnish, l. air in.clip, door weatherstripclip, door weatherstripbolt, center pillar garnish studscrew, tapping (5x14)screw, tapping (5x14)bolt, roof carrier (5x16)bolt, air in. studscrew, tapping (4x10)nut, push (3mm)nut, air in. (6mm)nut, spring (5mm)nut, spring (5mm)nut, spring (5mm)clip, garnishclip, door moldingclip, center pillar garnishclip, door weatherstripgrommet, drip molding & retainergrommet, drip molding & retainergrommet, center pillar garnishnut-washer (5mm)
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