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2001 INTEGRA LS 3 DOOR 5MT REAR BRAKE (DISK) (1) diagram
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caliper set, rr.bearing assy., hub unit (abs) (ntn)washer, hub unitcap, hub unitdisk, rr. brakecaliper sub-assy., r. rr.caliper sub-assy., l. rr.pad set, rr. (7clp-13s)pad set, rr. (7clp-13s)piston assy.bearing aspring b, adjustingshim, pad (outer)shim, pad (outer)spring, padshaft arodpiston, sleevepin aspacerring, retainingguide, springnut, parkingretainerretainerlever, r.spring, r. returnarm, r.shaft bbolt, adjustersplash guard, r. rr. (abs)splash guard, l. rr. (abs)protector, r. rr. caliperprotector, l. rr. caliperpin blever, l.spring, l. returnarm, l.screw, bleedercap, bleeder screwbolt, flange (8x22)bolt, flange (8x22)bolt, flange (8x22)bolt, wheel (rocknel fastener)nut, spindle (22mm)screw, flat (6x14)bolt, flange (6x12)bolt, flange (6x12)bolt, flange (10x25)shim, pad (inner)shim, pad (inner)washer, spring (10mm)
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