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2001 NSX-T 2 DOOR 4AT OUTER PANEL (2) diagram
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rail set, fr. roofrail set, rr. roofpanel set, fr. floorcrossmember, r. dashboard (lower)crossmember, l. dashboard (lower)panel, r. (outer)stay, fender (fr/rr)panel, r. rr. fender (dot)grommet, hood wirepanel, l. (outer)panel, l. rr. fender (dot)lid assy., fuel fillerpillar, r. center (upper) (inner)pillar, r. center (lower) (inner)stay, r. rr. fenderpillar, l. center (upper) (inner)pillar, l. center (lower) (inner)stay, l. rr. fendercrossmember, r. fr. floorcrossmember b, fr. floorcrossmember b, fr. floorsill, r. sideflange, r. fr. side sillbase, fr. jackbase, fr. jackbracket, side sill liningbracket, side sill liningbracket, side sill liningbracket, side sill liningbracket, side sill liningbase, jackbase, jackcrossmember, l. fr. floorsill, l. sideflange, l. fr. side sillcable, fuel lid opencushion, fuel filler lidspring, fuel lid openopener assy., fuel lidknob assy., fuel *nh1l*knob assy., fuel *yr167l*retainer, fr. roofretainer, rr. roofbolt-washer (6x26)bolt-washer (6x26)bolt-washer (6x26)bolt-washer (6x26)bolt-washer (6x26)bolt-washer (6x26)bolt-washer (6x26)rivet, roof retainerrivet, roof retainerbolt, fuel lid (6x20)nut, pop (6mm)nut, pop (6mm)nut, clip (6mm)clip, trunk opener cableclip, throttle cablebolt-washer (6x16)washer, plain (6mm)bolt, flange (6x16)bolt, flange (6x16)plate, settingbolt-washer (8x25)
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