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2001 NSX-T 2 DOOR 4AT SPOOL VALVE diagram
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valve assy., spoolvalve assy., spoolfilter, spool valvefilter, spool valvestay, connector holdstay, connector holdfilter assy., spool valvefilter assy., spool valvesolenoid assy.solenoid assy.gasket, solenoid basegasket, solenoid basepassage, oil pressure sensorstay, oil pressure sensor connectorsensor, oil pressureswitch assy., valve timing oilpressureswitch assy., valve timing oilpressureo-ring (13.8x1.9)o-ring (13x1.5) (arai)o-ring (13x1.5) (arai)bolt, recessed (5x8)bolt, recessed (5x8)bolt, flange (6x10)bolt, flange (6x18)bolt, flange (6x18)bolt, flange (6x30)bolt, flange (6x30)bolt, flange (8x40)
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