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2003 MDX TOURPKG 5 DOOR 5AT HOOD diagram
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hood (dot)hinge, r. hoodhinge, l. hoodcover, fr. bulkheadlock assy., hoodrubber, hood sealwire assy., hoodgrommet, hood wirelever assy., hood wire *nh167l*lever assy., hood wire *yr203l*lever assy., hood wire *nh528l*insulator, hoodholder, cowl top cliprubber, rr. hood sealcushion, hoodstay assy., hood openerbracket, r. hood shock absorberbracket, l. hood shock absorbercowl top assy.cover, r. hood hingevalve, draincover, l. hood hingebolt-washer (6x15)bolt, flange (6x18)stud, ballstud, ballgrommet, cowl topclip, cowl topclip, cowl topgrommet, cowl toplid, cowl topclip, engine hood insulatorclip, seal rubber (black)clip a, bumperclip, fuel pipeclip a, door weatherstripclip, hood wirecushion, hood (11.6mm)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)clip, harness band (96.9mm) (natural)
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