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2005 RSX TYPE-S 3 DOOR 6MT P.S. PUMP - BRACKET diagram
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p/s pump, l. core id "a" top corner (rmd)joint, in.shaft, power steering pump drivepulley, power steering pumpnut, power steering pulleycirclip (inner) (40mm)circlip (inner) (40mm)bearing, radial ball (17x40x12)seal, power steering pumpseal, rubberseal, slippero-ring (13.0x1.9)o-ring (23.8x2.4)o-ring (16.7x1.8)o-ring (12.7x1.8)o-ring (51.0x2.4)seal, pump coverseal b, pump coverbolt, flange (8x35)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (8x45)
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