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2008 RDX TECH 5 DOOR 5AT MOLDING diagram
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garnish, r. fr. door cornergarnish, l. fr. door cornermolding assy., r. fr. doormolding assy., l. fr. doorgarnish, r. rr. door pillargarnish, l. rr. door pillarmolding assy., r. rr. doormolding assy., l. rr. doormolding assy., r. drip sideclip a, windshield (light red)clip d, roof (blue)e-clip, roof (purple)molding assy., l. drip sidegarnish assy., r. fr. pillar cornergarnish assy., l. fr. pillar cornerclip, door mirror coverscrew, tapping (4x10) (po)screw, tapping (4x10) (po)clip, door moldingclip, door moldingclip a, fr. windshield sideclip a, roof molding (natural)clip a, roof molding (natural)clip b, roof molding (black)
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