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2009 RL 4 DOOR 5AT TRUNK LID (2) diagram
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stay set, r. trunk openstay set, l. trunk opensub-wire, trunk lidlid, trunk (dot)hinge, r. trunkarm b assy., r. trunk hingehinge, l. trunkarm b, l. trunk hingesnap (black)snap (black)cover, r. rr. guttercover, l. rr. gutterswitch assy., trunk openerseal, trunk lidseal, trunk lidstopper, trunk lid (lower)stopper, trunk lid (lower)stopper, trunk lidembankment, r. trunk hingegrommet assy., r. embankmentlock assy., trunkcable assy., trunklever assy., trunk insidestriker assy., trunkweatherstrip, trunk lidcable, trunk opener (emergency)embankment, l. trunk hingegrommet assy., l. embankmentactuator assy., trunkdamper, trunk dynamiclock, screwwasherbolt-washer (6x12)bolt, trunk hinge arm (8x21)bolt, trunk hinge arm (8x21)bolt, flange (8x16)bolt, flange (8x16)bolt, trunk hingebolt, trunk hingebolt (8x16)washergrommet, screw (5mm)plug, trunk drainclip, trunk opener cableclip, trunk opener cableclip, connector (natural)clip, harness band (157.7mm) (black)clip, harness band (100.1mm) (natural)clip, harness band (157.7mm) (black)clip, connector (orange)cushion, wire harness (50x100)bolt, recessed (6x12)screw, flat (6x12)screw, tapping (5x12) (po)bolt, flange (6x8)bolt, flange (6x8)bolt, flange (6x12)bolt, flange (6x12)bolt, flange (6x16)bolt, flange (8x16)
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