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2011 MDX BASE 5 DOOR 6AT AT IDLE SHAFT (6AT) diagram
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shaft, idlewasher a (41.5mm) (1.26)washer b (41.5mm) (1.30)washer c (41.5mm) (1.34)washer d (41.5mm) (1.38)washer e (41.5mm) (1.42)washer f (41.5mm) (1.46)washer g (41.5mm) (1.50)washer h (41.5mm) (1.54)washer i (41.5mm) (1.58)washer j (41.5mm) (1.62)washer k (41.5mm) (1.66)washer l (41.5mm) (1.70)washer m (41.5mm) (1.74)washer n (41.5mm) (1.78)washer o (41.5mm) (1.82)washer p (41.5mm) (1.86)washer q (41.5mm) (1.90)washer r (41.5mm) (1.94)washer s (41.5mm) (1.98)washer t (41.5mm) (2.02)washer u (41.5mm) (2.06)bearing, thrust needle (27.5x41x2.5)
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