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2011 RDX 5 DOOR 5AT AT THIRD SHAFT diagram
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ring, seal (35mm)ring, seal (35mm)shaft, thirdgear, thirdshaft thirdgear, thirdshaft fourthcotter (19.8mm)cotter (19.8mm)retainer, cotterwasher a (53mm) (3.995)washer b (53mm) (4.015)washer c (53mm) (4.035)washer d (53mm) (4.055)washer e (53mm) (4.075)washer f (53mm) (4.095)washer g (53mm) (4.115)washer h (53mm) (4.135)washer i (53mm) (4.155)washer j (53mm) (4.175)washer k (53mm) (4.195)washer l (53mm) (4.215)washer m (53mm) (4.235)washer n (53mm) (4.255)washer a (26.5mm) (1.05)washer b (26.5mm) (1.13)washer c (26.5mm) (1.21)washer d (26.5mm) (1.29)washer e (26.5mm) (1.37)washer f (26.5mm) (1.45)washer g (26.5mm) (1.53)washer h (26.5mm) (1.61)washer i (26.5mm) (1.69)washer j (26.5mm) (1.77)washer k (26.5mm) (1.85)washer l (26.5mm) (1.93)washer m (26.5mm) (2.01)washer n (26.5mm) (2.09)washer o (26.5mm) (0.97)circlip (outer) (24mm)bearing, needle (30x36x32)needle, thrust (30x52x3)needle, thrust (30x52x3)o-ring (26.7x1.9) (arai)o-ring (26.7x1.9) (arai)
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