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2011 RL-H 4 DOOR 6AT FUEL TANK diagram
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tube, vent returntank set, fuelmeterfilter set, fuelregulator assy., pressureprotector, fuel tankband assy., fuel tank mountingband assy., fuel tank mountingbolt-washer (10x35)bolt-washer (10x35)bolt-washer (10x35)bolt-washer (10x35)gasket, basegasket, basegasket, basegasket, basegasket, basetube, filler neckclip, filler tube (28.6mm)clip, filler tube (28.6mm)pipe, fuel fillercap, fuel fillersub meter assy., fuelmodule assy., fuel pumpretainer (natural) (tokai)retainer (natural) (tokai)cover assy., fuel tankcover assy. a, fuel tankclip a, fuel tank coverclip a, fuel tank coverclip a, fuel tank coverclip a, fuel tank covercap assy., floor maintenance holebolt, insulator (6mm)bolt, insulator (6mm)bolt, insulator (6mm)bolt, insulator (6mm)bolt, ground (6x16)bolt, ground (6x16)grommet, screw (5mm) (black)screw, tapping (5x12)nut, flange (6mm)nut, flange (6mm)
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