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2013 TSX V6 4 DOOR 5AT AT SECONDARY SHAFT (V6) diagram
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ring, sealing (29mm)ring, sealing (29mm)shaft, secondarygear, secondary shaft lowhub, clutch (l-h)hub, secondary shaft low clutchgear, secondary shaft secondgear, secondary shaft idlenut, flange (26mm)washer (29x40x3.9)washer, thrust (39x66x9.7)collar (32x39x63.3)washer a (52mm) (2.705)washer b (52mm) (2.680)washer c (52mm) (2.655)washer d (52mm) (2.630)washer e (52mm) (2.605)washer f (52mm) (2.580)washer g (52mm) (2.555)washer h (52mm) (2.530)washer i (52mm) (2.505)washer j (52mm) (2.480)washer k (52mm) (2.455)washer l (52mm) (2.430)washer m (52mm) (2.405)ring, snap (32mm)bearing, ball (29x65x9/11)bearing, needle (43.5x59x2.5)bearing, needle (44x50x22.6)bearing, needle (44x50x22.6)bearing, needle (39x44x47)needle, thrust (44x66x3.5)needle, thrust (44x66x3.5)needle, thrust (46x62.95x4.62)(nsk)needle, thrust (40x57x2.5)o-ring (30.6x1.9) (nok)o-ring (30.6x1.9) (nok)o-ring (26.7x1.9) (arai)o-ring (26.7x1.9) (arai)o-ring (26.7x1.9) (arai)
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