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Welcome to Honda online store
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2012 CR-Z Accessories: 
(Some accessories, Kits & Packages are not available on eStore. To check the availability please contact your dealer)
With the XM Radio* Accessory, you'll receive a vast amount of digital audio entertainment, at CD-quality, no matter where you are in North America. Listen to Chicago Blues in Houston, Kentucky Bluegrass in Denver or Los Angeles talk radio in Boston!
The CR-Z is not your typical hybrid. And with the MUGEN accessory package, it will set itself apart from the other hybrids on the road. Those wishing to take it up a notch or two can visit their local Honda dealer and purchase the Genuine MUGEN accessories package, which includes
The Tailgate Spoiler will complement the vehicle's aerodynamic styling and make it look even more unique and sporty.
The Front Lip Spoiler extends the front bodywork, providing a lowered appearance.
The Rear Diffuser adds an aggressive look to the rear of the vehicle.
The Side Spoilers extend out from the side sills, providing a bold accent to the vehicle's side profile.
The R-10 17" Alloy Wheel is a factory plus-size wheel and tire application. Factory accessory wheels undergo stringent testing to match the tough requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.), Japan Wheel Light Metal (J.W.L.) and Honda.
With Honda's Wheel Locks, you can protect your alloy wheels, or even the stock ones. They're a great theft deterrent.
The Bodyside Molding protects the paint finish from things like door dings and shopping carts that may bump into the door of your vehicle.
The Door Edge Film adds paint protection to your door edge with a transparent product.
The Car Cover is made specifically for your vehicle.
The Rear Bumper Appliqué is a clear urethane film that protects the finish on the rear bumper from scratches while loading and unloading cargo.
The Splash Guards protect the paint finish from stone chips and tar stains.
The Full Nose Mask protects the paint surface from small pebbles, loose rocks, insects, and other road debris that might otherwise damage the paint finish of your vehicle. It covers the exposed front lower section of your vehicle and fits snugly around the front bumper.
Fog Lights are great for cutting through adverse weather conditions, and aiding your visibility. Honda's Fog Lights use an integrated design for a factory-installed appearance.
The All-Season Floor Mats offer the ultimate protection for your factory carpeting.
The Cargo Tray protects the floor in the rear storage area from unexpected spills that can happen during transport. Adding this custom-fitted protection will provide additional versatility for all your hauling needs.
The Illuminated Door Sill Trim is the finishing touch to dress up the interior while protecting the lower door sill from scuff marks. Blue LED lights illuminate the CR-Z logo when the door is open.
The Brushed Stainless Steel Door Sill Trim is the finishing touch to dress up the interior while protecting the lower door sill from scuff marks.
The Cargo Mat adds a finished look while adding extra protection to the rear cargo area.
The Auto Day/Night Mirror automatically darkens to reduce the glare of bright headlights from the cars behind you – without your having to lift a finger. Integrated digital compass makes using maps and following directions even easier.
The Armrest adds convenience and comfort to your vehicle.

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* Participating dealerships are independently owned and operated, and establish their own prices. Accessories are available for most 2003 and newer Honda models. Parts are available for most 1970 and newer Honda models.