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1972 z600 ** 2 DOOR 4MT MT TRANSMISSION diagram
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mainshaft, transmission (w/bearing)countershaft, transmissioncountershaft, transmissionretainer, needle bearingretainer, needle bearingset-ring, bearing retainer (36mm)set-ring, bearing retainer (36mm)gear, countershaft lowgear, countershaft lowgear, countershaft secondgear, countershaft secondgear, third/top shiftgear, third/top shiftgear, mainshaft topgear, mainshaft topgear, mainshaft reversegear, mainshaft reversering, reverse stoppingring, reverse stoppinggear, reverse idlegear, reverse idlesleeve, synchronizersleeve, synchronizersleeve, synchronizersleeve, synchronizerhub, synchronizerhub, synchronizerring, synchronizer blockingring, synchronizer blockingring, synchronizer blockingring, synchronizer blockingspring, synchronizerspring, synchronizerspring, synchronizerspring, synchronizerholder, speedometer gearholder, speedometer geargear, speedometerplate, thrust (26mm)plate, thrust (26mm)plate c, thrustplate c, thrustplate c, thrust (1.75mm)plate c, thrust (1.75mm)plate c, thrust (2.00mm)plate c, thrust (2.00mm)plate c, thrust (1.30mm)plate c, thrust (1.30mm)plate c, thrust (1.0t)plate c, thrust (1.0t)bolt, hex. (6mm)bolt, hex. (6mm)set-ring (62mm)set-ring (62mm)set-ring (25mm)set-ring (25mm)bearing set, ball (6206)bearing set, ball (6206)bearing, needle rollerbearing, needle rollerbearing, needle third gearbearing, needle top gearcirclipoil seal (8x16x6)washer, plain (6mm)circlip, outer (19mm)circlip (outer) (30mm)
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