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1972 z600 ** 2 DOOR 4MT MT GEARSHIFT ROD - SHIFT FORK diagram
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retainer, oil sealfork, third/top shiftfork, low/second shiftfork, reverse shiftshifter, reverseshaft, third/top shift forkshaft, low/second shift forkshaft, reverse shift forkspring, shift rod lock ballbolt, shaft fork settingbolt, shaft fork settingbolt, shaft fork settingbolt, shaft fork settingspring, reverse pinrod, gearshiftpin, fork shaft interlockarm, gearshiftplate, guidebolt, ball spring retainingbolt, ball spring retainingpin, reverse gear restrictingspring, reverse pinseat, reverse pin springgasket, return spring seatswitch assy., back-up lightbolt, shift arm settingwasher, lock (8mm)plate, lock (6mm)plate, lock (6mm)plate, lock (6mm)plate, lock (6mm)washer (10.2mm)washer, flat (14mm)washer, flat (14mm)ball, steel (17/64")ball, steel (17/64")oil seal (14x25x7)bolt, hex. (6x14)bolt, hex. (6x14)ball, steel (#10) (5/16)ball, steel (#10) (5/16)
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