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1972 z600 ** 2 DOOR 4MT MT DIFFERENTIAL diagram
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pinion, propeller shaft drivepinion, propeller shaft driveflange, jointflange, jointgear set, final drivecap, differential gear caseshaft, differential pinionset-ring (80mm)set-ring (80mm)pinion, differentialpinion, differentialwasher, gear case bolt lockwasher, differential gear boltwasher, differential gear boltbolt, hex. (6x25)nut, hex. (8mm)oil seal, r. (54x75x12)oil seal (54x75x12)o-ring (25x2.0)o-ring (25x2.0)bolt, hex. (8x30)circlip (outer) (22mm)circlip (outer) (22mm)bearing, radial ball (6009)bearing, radial ball (6009)
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