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1974 civic **(1200) 2 DOOR 4MT BODY STRUCTURE COMPONENTS (2) diagram
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cap, sub-strikerpanel, roofpanel, roofholder, r. gate seal (upper)holder, l. gate seal (upper)stiffener, back-up lightpanel, rr.skirt, rr.panel, r. fr. side (outer)panel, r. rr. side (outer)panel, r. rr. side (outer)sub-strikergutter, r. roofgutter, r. trunkpillar, r. rr.panel, l. fr. side (outer)panel, l. rr. side (outer)panel, l. rr. side (outer)gutter, l. roofbase, fuel filler neckgutter, l. trunkpillar, l. rr.panel, trunk (upper)panel, rr. skirtwasher, sub-striker (14x1)washer (14x26)
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