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1977 civic **(1200) 3 DOOR 4MT A/C AIR CONDITIONER - HOSES (TYPE-2) diagram
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clamp, drierclamp, hose (3/8)clamp, hose x (5/8") (1/2")clamp, hose x (5/8") (1/2")grommet assy.valve, discharge (1/2")valve, suctionhose assy. (1/2x29)hose assy. (5/8x41)coil, condenserinsulator, hosehose, insulatorhose, insulatorbracket, condenserbracket, condenserreceiver, dryero-ring, service valveswitch, pressureclamp, freon hoseclamp assy.bracket, receiver/drierhose, freonhose, freon
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