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1977 civic **(1200) 3 DOOR HMT HMT SHIFT LEVER SHAFT diagram
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fork, reverse shiftshaft, gearshift forkshaft, shift armarm, linklever, manual valvepin, manual valveroller, manual valveroller, manual valvelever, parking brakespring, pawl releaseroller, parking brakepin, roller (6mm)pawl, parking brakeshaft, parking brakespring, parking brakeretainer, springholder, control cablespring, servo returnscrew (6x18)screw (6x18)screw (6x18)washer, lock (6mm)washer, lock (6mm)washer, lock (6mm)o-ring (31x2.7) (arai)washer, plain (5mm)washer, plain (6mm)pin, lock (5mm)pin, lock (6mm)pin, spring (3x22)pin, spring (5x18)circlip, outer (12mm)circlip, outer (12mm)bolt, flange (6x32)
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