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1977 civic **(1500) 3 DOOR HMT TAILLIGHT diagram
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taillight assy., r.housing, r. taillightwasherwasherwasherwasherwasherwashergasket, taillight lensgasket, taillight housinglens, r. turn signalgasket, r. turn signal lenslens, r. stop & taillightmolding, r. taillight lensgasket, r. stop & taillight lenstaillight assy., l.housing, l. taillightlens, l. turn signalgasket, l. turn signal lenslens, l. stop & taillightmolding, l. taillight lensgasket, l. stop & taillight lensreflector assy., r. rr.reflector assy., l. rr.bulb, stop & taillight (12v 27/7w)bulb, stop & taillight (12v 27/7w)wingnut (4mm)screw, tapping (3x12)screw, tapping (4x16)nut, hex. (6mm)washer, spring (6mm)
    • Honda of Owings Mills map

    • Phone: (410) 3638700
    • 9701 Reisterstown Rd
    • Owings Mills,MD 21117-4164

    • Parts Manager:
    • Jamey Hirsch
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