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1977 civic ** 5 DOOR HMT HEATER diagram
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register assy.heater assy.clamp, heater cordbracket, heater (lower)valve, waterhose, waterclamp, hoseclamp, hot air cablelink, hot air cablemotor assy., heaterexchanger, heatwasherwasher, special (5mm)washer, plain (5mm)washer, plain (7mm)bolt, hex. (4x6)bolt, hex. (5x12)bolt, hex. (6x14)screw, pan (3x6)screw, pan (4x14)screw, pan (4x18)screw, pan (4x20)screw, pan (5x14)screw, pan (5x14)screw, pan (5x14)screw, pan (5x14)nut, hex. (5mm)nut, hex. (8mm)washer, plain (4mm)washer, plain (4mm)washer, plain (4mm)washer, plain (5mm)washer, plain (6mm)washer, spring (4mm)washer, spring (5mm)washer, spring (5mm)washer, spring (5mm)washer, spring (5mm)washer, spring (6mm)
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