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1979 civic ** 5 DOOR 4MT BODY STRUCTURE COMPONENTS (5) diagram
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floor, middlefloor, rr.frame, rr.panel, r. insidepanel, r. rr. insidepanel, r. fr. side sillsill, r. rr. panel siderail, r. roof sidepanel, r. wheel archpillar, r. center (inner)pillar, r. fr. (inner)wheelhouse, r. rr.panel, l. insidepillar, l. rr. (inner)panel, l. fr. side sillsill, l. rr. panel siderail, l. side roofpanel, l. wheel archpillar, l. center (inner)pillar, l. fr. insidewheelhouse, l. rr.skirt, rr.crossmember, tail endextension, r. rr. sideextension, l. rr. side
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