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1980 accord STD 3 DOOR 5MT HEATER BLOWER diagram
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valve, checkvalve, checkgrommet, vacuum tubegrommet, vacuum tuberesistorresistorcover, blower motorcover, blower motormotor assy.motor assy.diaphragm assy.diaphragm assy.blower assy.blower assy.gasketgasketbush, insulatingbush, insulatingfan, heaterfan, heatersealsealclamp, case holdclamp, case holdvalve assy., magnetvalve assy., magnetduct, heaterduct, heaterscrew, tapping (5x16)screw, tapping (5x16)nut, hex. (5mm)nut, hex. (5mm)washer, specialwasher, specialwasher, plain (5mm)washer, plain (5mm)tube (3.5x1035)tube (3.5x1035)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)clip, tube (b7)clip, tube (b7)clip, tube (b7)clip, tube (b7)bulk hose, vacuum (3.5x1000)bulk hose, vacuum (3.5x1000)
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