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1980 accord DX 4 DOOR 5MT BODY STRUCTURE COMPONENTS (5) diagram
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floor, middlefloor, rr.sill, r. rr. insidesill, l. rr. insideextension, rr. floorbracket, rr. jackcrossmember, rr. endcrossmember, arm (lower)frame, r. rr. floorframe, l. rr. floorpillar, r. fr. (inner)sill, r. fr. insidepillar, r. center (inner)panel, r. rr. (inner)panel, r. rr. wheel archextension, r. rr. end (inner)stiffener, r. rr. wheelhousesupport, r. tray sidewheelhouse, r. rr.pillar, l. fr. (inner)sill, l. fr. insidepillar, l. center (inner)panel, l. rr. (inner)panel, l. rr. wheel archextension, l. rr. end (inner)stiffener, l. rr. wheelhousesupport, l. tray sidewheelhouse, l. rr.member, rr.
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