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1981 civic **(1500) 3 DOOR 5MT FRESH AIR VENTS (1) diagram
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duct, side fresh air *yr51l*duct, side fresh air *yr51l*case assy., r. ventcase assy., l. ventlink, r. ventlink, l. ventgasket, vent linkgasket, vent linklever, ventlever, ventcase, r. vent valvecase, l. vent valveknob, r. ventknob, l. ventseal, instrument panelseal, instrument panelvalve assy., ventvalve assy., ventseal, ventseal, ventoutlet assy., fresh *nh1l*outlet assy., fresh *nh1l*outlet assy., fresh *nh1l*outlet assy., fresh *nh1l*garnish, l. side defroster *yr51l*duct, fr. center air *yr51l*screw, tapping (4x12)screw, tapping (4x12)ball, steel (#5) (5/32)ball, steel (#5) (5/32)
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