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1982 accord DX 3 DOOR 5MT WINDSHIELD WASHER 3DR diagram
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washer, windshieldmotor, washercap, washer mouthholder, motorholder, motorgasket (parallel type) (mitsuba)gasket (t-type) (denso)cover, water shieldcover, water shieldnozzle, windshield washernozzle, windshield washerjoint, rr. washer tube (mitsuba)joint, rr. washer tube (mitsuba)grommet, washer tubenozzle assy., rr. washernozzle assy., rr. washertube, vinyl (3x6x2700)tube, vinyl (3x6x2700)joint, tubejoint, tubetube, rr. washerbulk hose, vinyl (4x7x8000)bulk hose, vinyl (4x7x8000)bulk hose, vinyl (4x7x8000)
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