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1982 accord DX 4 DOOR HMT TORQUE ROD - FRONT BEAM diagram
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beam, rr.beam, rr.beam, rr.beam, rr.beam, rr.beam, rr.grommet, beam endinsulator a, sub-frame mountinginsulator b, sub-frame mountinginsulator b, sub-frame mountingwasher, sub-framewasher, sub-framewasher, sub-frameinsulator, sub-frame mountingbeam, fr.damper, fr. beaminsulator a, torque rodrod, torquewasher, torque rodwasher, torque rodnut, yoke (12mm)bracket, l. torque rodbracket, r. torque rodgrommet b, control wire (16mm)grommet, hole (25mm)grommet, hole (25mm)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt, hex. (10x86)bolt, flange (10x60)bolt, flange (10x44)bolt, torque rod (12x66) (ntn)bolt, torque rod (12x76)bolt-washer (6x12)
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