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1982 prelude ** 2 DOOR 5MT BODY STRUCTURE COMPONENTS (1) diagram
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wheelhouse, r. fr.extension, r. fr. pillarwheelhouse, l. fr.extension, l. fr. pillarwindshield, fr. (lower)dashboard (lower)crossmember, dashboard (lower)frame, torque rodframe, r. fr. sideextension, r. side frame (lower)gusset, r. dashboard (lower)bracket, fr. stabilizer (upper)bracket, fr. stabilizer (lower)bracket, fr. stabilizer spacerbase, battery settingframe, l. fr. sideextension, l. side frame (lower)gusset, l. dashboard (lower)bracket, engine supportcrossmember, fr. (lower)plate, crossmember facebulkhead, r. fr.frame, r. fr. (upper)bulkhead, l. fr.frame, l. fr. (upper)stiffener, fr. bulkhead centerskirt, fr. (lower)frame, bulkhead (upper)bracket, fr. fenderbolt, fender (6x18)bolt, fender (6x18)bolt, fender (6x18)bolt-washer (8x16)
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