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1984 accord S 3 DOOR 5MT STEERING COLUMN diagram
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protector, steering hangerprotector, steering hangerbracket, l. steering hanger protectorcolumn, steeringbracket, column (upper)plate, bendingband, rubberholder b, steering columncollar, steering retainerspring, bending platebush, steering columnring, column thrustlabel, ignition switchring, column covercam, turn signal switch cancel(white) (tec)ring, horn groundshaft, steeringwasher, steering shaftwasher a, steering shaftwasher b, steering shaftcover, steering jointinsulator, joint holejoint b, steering columnclip b, joint coverscrew, tapping (4x16) (po)bolt, steering yoke (8x22)washer, plain (20mm)clip, joint covernut, flange (8mm)washer, spring (8mm)circlip, outer (18mm)
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