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1985 accord STD 4 DOOR 4AT GROMMET - PLUG diagram
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grommet, receiver holeplug, consolegrommet b, control wiregrommet b, control wiregrommet, switch holeplug, settingcap, floor hole (53mm)cap, floor holecover, door switchgrommet, drain hole (25mm)grommet, drain hole (25mm)grommet, hole (25mm)grommet, hole (25mm)grommet, hole (25mm)grommet, hole (25mm)grommet, hole (25mm)grommet, trunk lidgrommet, remote control mirrorgrommet, cabin wire harness (45mm)plug, hole (12.5mm)plug, fuse lidplug, holeplug, holeplug, coating hole (25mm)plug, coating hole (25mm)plug, coating hole (25mm)plug, coating hole (25mm)plug, hole (16mm)plug, hole (20mm)plug, clutch cable holeplug, hole (25mm)plug, hole (18mm)valve, rr. drainvalve, drain (15mm)plug, drain hole
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