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1985 accord STD 4 DOOR 4AT HOOD diagram
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grille, airscooprubber, rr. hood sealmask, fr.hood, enginehinge, hoodwire, hoodcover, hood wiregrommet, hood wirelock assy., r. hoodcushion, hoodcushion, hoodstay, hood openlock assy., l. hoodbolt-washer (8x20)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt, fender (6x18)clip, wire harnessclip a, airscoop grillegrommet, hood stayholder, rodnut, clip (6mm)nut, clip (6mm)clip, trimplug, hole (10mm)bolt-washer (6x10)bolt-washer (6x10)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x20)screw-washer (6x16)
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