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1985 civic **(1300) 3 DOOR 4MT MT MAINSHAFT diagram
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mainshaftshaft, reverse idle geargear, reverse idlewasher, spring (52mm)shim (0.8mm)washer, spring (52mm)shim (0.8mm)washer, spring (52mm)shim (0.8mm)shim a (0.5)shim b (1.1)shim c (1.15)shim d (1.2)shim e (1.25)shim f (1.3)shim g (1.35)shim h (1.4)shim i (1.45)shim j (1.5)shim k (1.55)shim a (0.5)shim b (1.1)shim c (1.15)shim d (1.2)shim e (1.25)shim f (1.3)shim g (1.35)shim h (1.4)shim i (1.45)shim j (1.5)shim k (1.55)shim a (0.5)shim b (1.1)shim c (1.15)shim d (1.2)shim e (1.25)shim f (1.3)shim g (1.35)shim h (1.4)shim i (1.45)shim j (1.5)shim k (1.55)ring, snap (45mm)bearing, radial ballbearing, needle (28x45x20)
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