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1985 civic DX(1500) 3 DOOR 3AT GROMMET - PLUG diagram
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grommet b, control wire (16mm)valve, drainseal, fr. pillar (lower) (inner)seal b, fr. pillar (lower) (inner)seal c, fr. pillar (lower) (inner)grommet, heater lever hole (20mm)grommet, fr. fenderseal, holeplug, settingseal, door hole (30mm) (circle)(black)seal, door hole (30mm) (black)seal, door hole (30mm) (circle)(black)seal, door hole (30mm) (black)seal, inside panel (15mm)plug, blind (20mm)plug, air conditioner holeplug, locate holeplug, holeplug, dashboard side member (upper) (20x35)plug, coating hole (25mm)plug, clutch cable holevalve, rr. drain
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