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1985 civic GL 4 DOOR 3AT OUTER PANEL 4DR diagram
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panel, r. fr. (outer)panel, r. side sillpanel, l. side sillpanel, l. rr. (outer)panel, roofrail, fr. roofrail, rr. roofgutter, r. fr. roofgutter, r. roof sidegutter, r. rr. roofextension, r. rr. wheel archgutter, r. rr. roof cornerstiffener, r. center pillarextension, r. rr. guttergutter, l. fr. roofgutter, l. roof sidegutter, l. rr. roofextension, l. rr. wheel archgutter, l. rr. roof cornerstiffener, l. center pillarextension, l. rr. gutterpanel, rr.stiffener, rr. panel (upper)stiffener, rr. panel centerrail, rr. panel (upper)panel, rr. traypanel, rr. windshield
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