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1985 civic DX 5 DOOR 5MT ENGINE MOUNT diagram
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stiffener, enginebeam, rr.grommet, beam endrubber, engine mounting (mt)rubber, rr. engine mounting (mt)bracket, rr. engine mounting stopperrubber assy., engine side mountingbracket, engine mounting (mt)bracket, rr. engine mountingbolt, flange (10x78)bolt, hex. (10x50) (special)bolt, flange (10x53)bolt, hex. (12x60)nut, self-locking (12mm)nut, self-lock (ohashi)nut, self-locking (12mm)nut, self-lock (ohashi)nut, transmission mounting (12mm)washer, plain (10mm)washer, plain (12mm)washer, transmission mountingwasher, side mountingbolt-washer (8x16)nut, flange (8mm)washer, plain (12mm)washer, plain (12mm)washer, plain (12mm)washer, plain (12mm)washer, spring (12mm)washer, spring (12mm)washer, spring (12mm)washer, spring (12mm)bolt, flange (8x50)bolt, flange (10x40)
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