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1985 civic DX 5 DOOR 5MT TAILGATE diagram
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holder, rr. glass (upper)rubber, tailgate garnishspring, lock key settingcylinder, tailgatelock assy., tailgatestriker, tailgateshim, tailgate strikerhandle assy., tailgatelink, tailgate remote controlshim, tailgate cushion (1.0mm)shim, tailgate cushion (2.0mm)shim, tailgate cushion (1.0mm)shim, tailgate cushion (2.0mm)stay set, tailgate opentailgatecushion, tailgatehinge, tailgateseal, tailgate hingeshim, tailgate hingecover, r. tailgate hingeclip a, hinge covercushion, tailgate sidecover, l. tailgate hingebracket, tailgate cushionstopper, tailgate cushionspring, tailgate cushionclip b, r. hinge coverclip b, l. hinge covergasket, tailgate cushionstopper, tailgateseal, r. hinge coverseal, hinge cover sideseal, l. hinge covercover, tailgate (upper)bolt (6x12)screw-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x16)screw-washer (6x14)grommet, tailgate wire harnesshole (44x25)screw, tapping (5x12)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt, lock strikerbolt-washer (6x16)screw, flat (6x12)nut-washer (6mm)
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