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1986 civic 4WD 5 DOOR 5MT MT SHIFT ARM - SHIFT ROD diagram
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arm a, shiftlever, controlretainer, super low selectinterlockerbolt, interlockcam, reverse locklever, gearshiftspring, ball settingspring, ball settingspring, ball setting (2-4 interlock)spring, super low returnarm, selectpin, select returnspring, select returnarm, shiftlever, selectscrew, ball spring settingscrew, ball spring settinglever, interlock (2wd-4wd)piece, interlocker (2wd-4wd)collar, spring (8)bolt, plug (18mm)bolt, stopper (6x16.5)bolt, special (6x22.5)bolt, special (6x22)gasket (6mm)washer, drain plug (12mm)washer, drain plug (12mm)pin, spring (5x22)pin, spring (5x25)ball, steel (#8) (1/4)ball, steel (#10) (5/16)ball, steel (#10) (5/16)
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