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1986 prelude SI 2 DOOR 4AT P.S. LINES (2) diagram
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rubber, mountingclip, tubeclip, tubeclip, tubeclip, tubecap, oil tanktank, power steering oilbracket assy., oil tankhose, feedhose, feedhose, feedhose, feedpipe, return (10mm) (lh)pipe, return (6mm)hose, sensorpipe, sensorclip, return pipeclamp d (15.5mm)clamp d (15.5mm)clamp d (15.5mm)clamp d (15.5mm)clamp d (15.5mm)clamp d (15.5mm)pipe, power steering returntube a, power steering oilhose, return (10mm)tube a, oil coolerholder b, power steering pipeholder b, power steering piperubber b, guiderubber b, guidetube, power steering sensor returnhose, returncooler, power steering oilclamp, feed hoseconnector (three-way)collar, oil pumpo-ring (8.8x1.9)clip, sensor hoseclip, sensor hoseclamp d (19mm)clamp d (19mm)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x28)clamp, tube (d10)clamp, tube (d10)
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