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1992 accord EX 4 DOOR 4AT AT MAINSHAFT diagram
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ring, sealing (35mm)ring, sealing (35mm)ring, sealing (35mm)ring, sealing (29mm)mainshaftgear, mainshaft thirdgear, mainshaft idlewasher, spring (24mm)nut, flange (24mm)collar (27x32x51)collar (39x46x23.5)collar (27x10.9)set-ring (23mm)ring, snap (27mm)bearing, needle (32x38x20) (ntn)bearing, needle (32x38x20) (ntn)bearing, needle (23x29x20)bearing, thrust needle (32x44x2) (ntn)bearing, thrust needle (46x72x2.5)bearing, thrust needle (46x72x2.5)bearing, needle (46x52x15)o-ring (34x1.9) (arai)o-ring (34x1.9) (arai)o-ring (31.2x1.9) (arai)
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