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1992 prelude S 2 DOOR 5MT MT COUNTERSHAFT diagram
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countershaftgear, countershaft lowgear, countershaft secondgear set, countershaft secondgear, countershaft fifthgear, countershaft thirdgear, countershaft fourthcollar, distance (36.5x42x29) (0.02-0.04)collar, distance (36.5x42x29) (0.07-0.09)collar, distance (36.5x42x29) (0.02-0.04)collar, distance (36.5x42x29) (0.07-0.09)washer a (40x54x1.96)washer b (40x54x1.99)washer c (40x54x2.02)washer d (40x54x2.05)washer e (40x54x2.08)washer a (40x54x1.96)washer b (40x54x1.99)washer c (40x54x2.02)washer d (40x54x2.05)washer e (40x54x2.08)washer, spring (23mm)nut, hex. (23mm)ring, snap (56mm)bearing, special ball (ntn)bearing, needle (25x56.4x19)bearing, needle (42x47x24)damper, friction (low)damper, friction (second)
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