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1992 prelude SI 2 DOOR 4AT P.S. GEAR BOX COMPONENTS diagram
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o-ring, rack guide (nok)spring, rack guide pressurescrew, rack guideguide, steering rackband b, bellowsband b, bellowsnut, rack screw lockcover, pinion dustwasher, tie rod lockwasher, tie rod lockhousing sub-assy., steering rack (lh)cylindercylinderretainer, gasketcap, cylinderwasher, retainerport, orificeport, orificepinion, steering (lh)cap, gear housingrack, steering (lh)spring, cylinderbushing a, steering rackbush, steering (b)clip, bush stopperframe unit, valve (lh)port, valve (lh)cap, valve bodyspool, four-wayvalve, gain controlorifice, sensorplunger (diameter=8mm)plunger (diameter=8mm)plunger (diameter=8mm)plunger (diameter=8mm)spring, returnspring, returnspring, pressure control valvespring, pressure control valvevalve, pressure control
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